DocCompanion is the extended Mobile application for DocDash built keeping in mind the needs of doctors and to provide them a Credible and Trusted platform to build Online Identity which along with doctor’s micro scheduling has additional features for Video Consulting which is integrated with HeyDoc to provide 2nd opinions to patients via video and call based service.

Healthcare solution built and powered by IITians

Microscheduling & seamless tracking

1) Track your schedule for the day for Video Consulting appointments

2) Track your schedule for the day for In-Person clinic/Hospital appointments

Track the flow of services being provided to the patient which shows completed when the Medical Report of the patient has been submitted

Video-Consult & Upload Report

Provide Online Video and Call based consultations with just a touch of a button .

Provide Medical reports to patients in a hasslefree manner with the "convenience and security" of heyDoc that too with just a touch of a button.

Connect & Collaborate

Connect with Doctors/Healthcare Professionals to Expand your Network in the heyDoc ecosystem in an encrypted secure network

Chat and collaborate with them for 2nd Opinion in providing the best healthcare

Differentiate & Build

1) Get unique Heydoc QR code to differentiate yourself from the rest of the community which can be scanned provide Instant Booking by the patient.

2) Control every aspect of your Profile to expand your outreach to provide healthcare service in this tech savvy world

Patient Logbook

A Digital Logbook stores the Info of all the patients you have served till date if one day you want to revisit a patient's details.

Coming Soon ...